Report Fraud

Anyone with knowledge about potential fraud, waste,  non-compliance with laws, regulations, or policies, or ethical violations  is encouraged to report their concerns. Two methods are available:

Texas State University System Hotline

Reports can be made anonymously via this website:

Persons with valid concerns are strongly encouraged to use this website.  Reports filed through this hotline are reviewed by individuals independent of management. Please provide as many specific details as possible; the main reason for an inconclusive result is because not enough information was provided to enable a meaningful investigation.

Alternatively, concerns may be reported via telephone: 512-245-1707.

The following concerns will not be addressed via these hotline services. Concerns related to the items below should be reported using existing campus policies and procedures designed to address such concerns:

Faculty, Staff, or Student Grievances
Discriminitation or Harassment Complaints
Title IX Complaints

State Auditors Fraud Hotline

1-800-TX-AUDIT (1-800-892-8348)